Foreigners from the member states of the EU

People entitled to a free medical care within the National Health Fund (NFZ) have to hold:

  1. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC; Polish: EKUZ);
  2. a valid passport or any other document confirming their identity;
  3. a valid student card.

People who will not present one of the above-mentioned documents shall be charged with medical care costs.

(more information in English: www.nfz.gov.pl/ue)

EU nationals who do not have EHIC, that is to say the ones who are not insured in the country they come from, may sign a contract with NFZ and take out insurance ZUS ZZA at the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), ul. Matejki 22. Yet, in such a case they will have to present an E104 form issued in the country they come from, with the information until when they were insured there and that they are not any longer.

In order to sign the above-mentioned contract foreign students have to submit the following documents:

  • a declaration from the university certifying they are studying there;
  • a passport or any other document certifying their identity;
  • a certificate of their accommodation.

Foreign nationals who are participating in doctoral studies are not entitled to sign contracts with NFZ on the above mentioned conditions. Instead they should take out insurance in an insurance company in their own country or in Poland.

Foreign nationals who are holders of a valid Pole’s Card or a permanent residence permit or who are of Polish origin according to the regulations of repatriation may apply to have the costs of health insurance covered by the university (in such a situation the university allots insurance fees to NFZ). Foreign nationals submit a declaration of their Polish origin, which is issued by a Polish diplomatic post in the country they are nationals of.