Foreigners not mentioned in part „Starting University under the Rules Applied to Polish Citizens” take up university studies and other forms of education according to the rules that are different from the ones Polish citizens are bound by. Such foreigners are mainly citizens of third countries, persons who have a valid Pole’s Card and who have given up applying for admission according to the rules that Polish citizens must comply with, and citizens from the member states of the EU and the EFTA who have decided to start studying in Poland on the terms concerning nationals from outside the EU.

They may start studying and participate in research:

for a fee (fees for studying in Poland paid by foreigners are determined by the Rector);

-as scholarship holders awarded by Poland (foreigners of Polish origin should apply for a scholarship awarded by the Polish Government at a competent diplomatic post near their dwelling place; they will also be given more information there).

All the other foreigners who apply for a scholarship awarded by the Republic of Poland should get in touch with the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange (Ul. Ogrodowa 28/30, 00-896 Warszawa / Warsaw, tel.: +48 22 826 74 34) in order to learn more;

fee-free and without scholarship benefits, within the framework of intergovernmental agreements or aid programmes offered to some countries by the Polish Government, through the agency of the country’s institutions or the diplomatic posts of Poland;

as holders of a scholarship awarded by the sending country, fee-free;

as holders of a scholarship awarded by the receiving university.