In the academic year 2021/2022, all needed documents should be uploading in the ERK computer system.

1.Personal questionnaire (an official form) to be printed from the personal account of the candidate in the system called the Electronic Registration of Candidates (henceforth referred to as ERK).

2.The original or a copy of the certificate or any other document issued abroad that entitles the candidate to start higher education at any university in the state where the document was issued. The document(s) should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.

* Apostille or legalization refers to the candidate who are required to obtain the decision of the Polish Superintendent of Schools in which the candidate’s certificate of finishing a secondary school is recognised as a document that entitles the candidate to apply to be admitted to a university in Poland when the recognition is not possible, legally or according to international agreements, or a certificate of validation (recognition of foreign studies and degrees is the process whereby a competent authority in one country formally recognises the value of a qualification from a foreign country) issued before March 31st, 2015.

3.A copy of the certificate of finishing a secondary school, in order to inform the admitting university about the type of school and its location.

4.Two current colour photographs of the candidate, in compliance with the requirements applied when ID cards are issued.

5.A copy of the candidate’s passport (the passport submitted for inspection).

6.A copy of the receipt of paying the recruitment fee (the original submitted for inspection).

7.An insurance policy in case of sickness and accidents covering the time of studying in Poland or the European Health Insurance Card or a statement on joining the National Health Fund as soon as the education is started.

8.A document confirming the candidate’s good command of English in accordance with the annex no 2 of the order of the Prime Minister dated December 16th, 2009 concerning the manner of recruitment procedure in civil service for persons applying to be admitted to university studies in English.

Certificates or diplomas stating that English was the language of instruction obtained abroad in a school at the above-primary level are also recognised as documents confirming the candidate’s good command of English.

9.Candidates applying to be admitted to part-time studies (classes usually take place at the weekends, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) who want their fees to be paid in instalments print a declaration from their personal accounts in the ERK system where they determine the number of the instalments.

10.Candidates who want to study Physical Education, Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biological Foundations of Criminology, Genetics and Experimental Biology, Protection and Engineering of Natural Environment, Physics, Water safety, Sport diagnostics have to present a medical certificate stating that the candidate is fit enough to take up the chosen studies (the University honours only medical certificates issued by doctors specialists in industrial medicine on the basis of a request on part of the University of Szczecin – a form to be printed from the personal account of the candidate in the ERK system).

11.Candidates who want to study Physical Education have to present a swimming card or a document certifying their ability to swim issued by WOPR lifeguards (WOPR = Wodne Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe, Volunteer Water Rescue Service)

12.Within 30 days after the beginning of the academic year a copy of visa, a residence card (together with a copy of the Voivode’s – provincial governor’s – decision) or any other document giving the right to stay on the Polish territory has to be presented in the Dean’s Office.

The candidate, a holder of the diploma of finishing studies of first degree, who is applying to be admitted to university studies of second degree, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, has to present the following ones.

13.A certificate in the form of official approval or apostille of the diploma or any other document that certifies finishing first degree studies abroad and entitles the candidates to take up second degree studies in the state where it was issued. The document should be translated by a sworn translator.