Legalisation of the stay:

Foreign students should have a visa entitling them to enter the Polish territory. The Polish visa may be obtained in the Polish Consulate situated in the country the student comes form on the basis of the decision of admitting to university.

The formalities concerning the legalisation of the stay on the Polish territory and the residence card may be completed at the Department for Civil Affairs and Foreigners of the West-Pomeranian Governor’s Office, ul. Wały Chrobrego 4, 70-502 Szczecin, telephone: +91 43 03 400, Room 17.

Foreigners should register for temporary residency on the Polish territory at the Town Hall of Szczecin, Plac Armii Krajowej 1, 70-456 Szczecin, telephone: +91 444 53 36 or +91 444 53 39.

In order to register, a special registration form for temporary residency should be filled out; the form may be obtained from the manager of the student hostel; while submitting the form students should have their passports.

Students living in private rented accommodation should register on the basis of the signed contract with the owner.