A list of cheap self-service cafeterias (called ‘milk bars’) and other eating places in Szczecin:

There is not one canteen for all the students of the University of Szczecin; yet, in most university buildings there are eating places or cafeterias where students can have a meal or a soft drink. Moreover, there are many eating places, bars, cafeterias and restaurants (including fast food restaurants) in Szczecin.

List of tasty and cheap restaurants:

‘Zielony Melonik’ Bar

Ul. Swoleżerów 3, 70-001 Szczecin

‘Turysta’ Bar

Ul. Małkowskiego 27, 70-304 Szczecin

‘Kopytko’ Bar

Ul. Krasińskiego 1/5, 71-435 Szczecin

‘Zacisze’ Bar

Ul. Asnyka 19, 71-526 Szczecin

‘Żak’ Bar

Al. Pastów 17, 70-310 Szczecin


In addition, there are some exotic restaurants in Szczecin:

The Chinese Restaurant Jin Du

Al. Jana Pawła II 17, 70-453 Szczecin

The Indian Restaurant Bombay (Mumbai)

Ul. Partyzantów 1, 70-001 Szczecin

The Restaurant Tokyo Sushi ‘n’ Grill

Rynek Sienny 3, 70-001 Szczecin